Senior HR Manager

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Job Description

Job duties:

  • Manage the HR Function in the organization.
  • Design and implement HR Policies and Procedures across the Organization.
  • Participate actively in the manpower planning process, and ensure the staffing structure of each department covers all skills gaps in the organization.
  • Ensure all Personnel processes are efficiently handled across the company maintaining minimal manual work and ensuring automation of all workflows and processes.
  • Manage the HRMS to ensure effective use of HR Data to reduce HR Process inefficiencies.
  • Manage the process of Career Growth plans, and Developmental plans across the company.
  • Participate actively in the design of the incentives and bonuses structure across the company to ensure a connection with the performance management system.
  • Manage the Organization’s Development activities including the Utilization of Human Capital across the companies providing recommendations for internal transfers and better utilization of resources.
  • Ensure equitable and standardized systems are implemented across the organization relating to employee privileges as per job grade and job requirements.
  • Design and Implement Equitable pay and compensation structure.
  • Ensure alignment of Department KPIs with the Organizational KPIs.
  • Devise Competitive Sourcing methods, detailed workforce planning analysis, and ensure succession planning strategies are implemented.
  • Study the work structure and job/role design to ensure maximum utilization of staff skills and abilities.
  • Devise, and update the organization structure to reflect the staffing changes and the department structure.
  • Establish and maintain open communication with all levels of employees.
  • Implement and manage the performance appraisal process across the organization.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable labor laws and provide HR policies that maintain a level of professionalism and quality performance.
  • Raise Employee Moral by improving the HR Standards and offering employees the HR Support needed.
  • Provide Measurable Metrics for HR and Staffing numbers.
  • Manage the record keeping of HR Data to maintain efficiency and speed in retrieving data.
  • Provide solutions for employee development connecting performance, reward, and development.
  • Manage Promotions, staff movements, managerial and supervisory hiring/termination, and any HR Personnel requests as per the matrix.
  • Coach and Train Managers on new technologies and processes, continually improving the status quo.

Staff Management/Internal Processes:

  • Select and hire employees in the function, and train and evaluate employees to enhance their performance, development, and work output.
  • Approve Workforce plans, productivity, and utilization of staff ensuring optimum staff levels are available for all the departments and propose initiatives for improvement.
  • Coach and Train employees and processes, continually improving the status quo.
  • Monitor and review the daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports as per department guidelines.
  • Guarantee high quality of internal administration, filing, and traceability of all documents to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the department.
  • Lead and guide managers on automation and efficiency of processes.
  • Lead continuous improvement initiatives to review the process flow of the department, and continually evaluate SLAs compared to results of the department.
  • Oversee the Learning and Development initiatives in the department.
  • Oversee Performance Results compared to SLAs and propose plans for improvement.

Job Requirements:

  • BA in HR Management, Industrial Engineering, MIS, or Business Administration.
  • PHR/SHRM-CP is a must.

Years of Experience:

  • Worked in software development company (at least 2 years)
  • Worked with Remote Resources/work force at least 3 years
  • 7 years in the HR Field with a minimum of 3 Years in the HR Managerial field.

Skills & Competencies

Differentiation Core Competencies:

o Passion and Initiative

o Results Orientation

o Leadership & Empowerment

o Creativity & Innovation

o Customer Service Orientation

o Positive attitude & Team Work

Managerial Competencies (Mastery Level):

o Decision Making & Judgement

o Resources Management

o Stakeholder Relations

o Project Management

o Automation & adaptability to Technology Changes

o Continuous Improvement

o Adaptability

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