Senior Cost Controller |

Full time @Addify posted 2 years ago

Job Description

Driven to create unique home-grown food concepts that bring people together, the Independent Food Company is a UAE-based hospitality company with multiple concepts under it’s umbrella – SALT, Switch, Parker’s, Candy, Grind, Somewhere and Public.

  • Work in conjunction with all department heads to ensure maximum profitability
  • Maintain stakeholders and service provider relationships
  • Remain acutely aware of market trends that could impact resource costs
  • Keep up to date on new vendors and possible cost-cutting partnerships
  • Analyze invoices to ensure approved expenses
  • Collaborate with department heads to strategize ways to minimize waste
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the interdependency of cost drivers
  • Understand the entire arc of the business and how productivity impacts profitability
  • Commit to maximizing efficiency and reduce cost at all levels without compromising quality as per best practices
  • Develop and implement proactive solutions and cost-cutting measures
  • Present new strategies and assessments to stakeholders in a compelling fashion
  • Roll out clear cost-saving programs with timelines and assessment goals
  • Ensure compliance with budget figures
  • Ensure any deviation from budget and wastage limits is promptly identified and analyzed, final impact is estimated, and the effect of corrective actions taken is monitored
  • Develop and issue the Cost Control Procedure and Cost Coding Manual

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