IT Support Engineer

Freelance @Deepscale technologies Ltd posted 3 years ago

Job Description

We’re looking for L2-L3 Data Center Engineers in with strong rack and stack experience, network cabling/patching, and comfortability with Rack Power, reading wiring schemas, and working with remote engineers to assist in the provisioning of devices.


Technicians must be comfortable working in Data Center or Highly Available Command Centers/Co-Locations, and must be able to pass all necessary background and drug screenings prior to onboarding.


Techs must be comfortable and able to handle equipment that is large and cumbersome. The units being installed are essentially Rack in a Box type setups that are on wheels and weigh about 2000 Lbs (+/-900 kilos).


Techs will work as a team of two to install devices and perform maintenance work following a process and checklist of what will need to be done.


This is with a high value client with some strict needs. Candidates will need to do a phone interview, followed by at least 1 video interview more with my leadership and my client. Technicians must have high customer facing skills to provide white glove service.


Techs will be required to complete a live/remote training for a total of 5 days, in addition to doing some online/video trainings prior to the onboarding. The training will be broken into two Parts, Part 1 consists of 3 days and Part 2 consists of 2 days (8 hours per day)

Two engineer (L2,L3) for Zurich Switzerland

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