Financial Analyst

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Job Description

Job Description

Our monetary soundness provides us the opportunity to expand. To preserve our solid financial position, we are seeking a highly qualified financial analyst to join our team. The ideal applicant will have expertise in assessing financial data and establishing profit-focused action plans, as well as anticipating trends and monitoring variances. In addition, they should have expertise in data visualization and modeling. The ideal financial analyst will be eager to contribute from day one, allowing us to offer superior service.

Objectives of this Role

  • Track the financial situation by comparing data sets to forecasts.
  • Enhance fiscal health by analyzing financial data exhaustively to generate actionable insights that drive corporate performance. This involves tracking differences and recognizing patterns.
  • Create forecast models based on comparable performance measures to maintain the organization’s forecast model and apply advancements as the business expands.
  • Create business cases to validate pricing choices and pricing decisions by developing novel cost reduction techniques
  • Create and direct restructured cost analysis processes through the development of new policies and procedures
  • Daily and Monthly Responsibilities
    • Collaborate closely with senior management on a variety of planning activities, including forecasting, budgeting, profitability analysis, and reporting
    • Contribute to the monthly closure process by assessing revenue trends and variations and comparing and correcting data to reconcile monetary operations
    • Create and keep sensitive, password-protected databases to track business performance and inform management of potential threats and opportunities.
    • Manage needs for effective automated accounting to boost efficiency and guarantee data backups are accurate.
    • Maintain standards by consolidating quarterly reporting packages and conducting exhaustive internal reporting and review of financial data.
    • Constantly improve one’s skill sets by continuing participation in networking, workshops, and chances for further study.

    Skills and Qualifications

    • Undergraduate degree in Finance or related field
    • Demonstrable experience as a financial analyst
    • Skilled with financial application software
    • Experience with statistical analysis procedures and statistics software
    • Exceptional communication, report-writing, and presentation abilities

    Preferred Qualifications

    • Economic prognostics and market research
    • Revenue recognition for software is a plus, as is familiarity with NetSuite and Salesforce
    • Extensive knowledge of accounting, tax, and eCommerce regulations
    • Experience in a corporate financial environment
    • Capabilities for measurable financial planning and financial strategy
    • Development and application of standards in a financial environment throughout time

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