Data Entry Typist

Full time @Addify recruitment posted 2 years ago

Job Description

Sourcing and organizing pertinent raw data, including audio files, working documents, and research papers.
Typing and formatting documents according to predetermined standards.
Requesting clarity on assignment instructions, if needed.
Editing your work to ensure that it is error-free, consistent, and adherent to guidelines.
Printing and distributing copies of your approved work, as required.
Creating digital copies of all tasks in case of loss or theft.
Downloading and installing important software updates.
Ensuring that your computer is password-protected and free from viruses at all times.

High school diploma or equivalent.
Prior experience as a Data Entry Typist is preferable.
Satisfactory completion of a skills alignment exercise.
Advanced proficiency in mainstream word processors.
Excellent organizational and multitasking abilities.
Ability to meet tight deadlines.
Excellent at independent and group work.

send to : prime4target at gmail dot com

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