Commercial Finance Manager

Full time @Addify posted 2 years ago

Job Description


  • Prepare business proposals/models for strategic business growth, supported by analysis of the business environment, market research data, local regulations, commercial terms & financial returns.
  • Perform market and competitive analysis with a keen ability to identify and analyze potential business opportunities.
  • Develop & manage commercial projects initiated by Senior Management.
  • Develop, analyze, and interpret financial information in terms of profitability and performance against budgets.
  • Evaluate appropriate information to forecast the return on future business transactions; contribute to the creation of revenue models, P/L, and cost-to-completion projections.
  • Use a range of frameworks and methods to generate, test, and prioritize a large hopper of potential concepts in a systematic yet rapid way.
  • Identify and communicate uncertainties and risks; implement mitigation strategies and contingency plans.
  • Control the execution of multiple concurrent projects to ensure that commitments are met within established scope, budget, schedule, and timeline.
  • Efficiently and competently manage problem resolution, e.g. scope creep changed requirements, missed deadlines, etc.
  • Ensure project documents are complete, current, and stored appropriately.
  • Plan and implement strategic objectives that fulfill the mission and the goals of the department efficiently and effectively in collaboration with the leadership team.
  • Evaluate, improve, and report the efficiency of business processes and procedures to enhance profitability and qualitative results.
  • Engage in effective feedback systems to monitor and communicate operational and strategic alignment with interdepartmental objectives.

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