Cluster Assistant HR Manager

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Job Description


  • Develops and implements recruitment and screening systems and procedures to attract qualified candidates for vacancies.
  • Proactively coordinating with department heads and hotels in charge with regard to having manpower as per the business need in line with the budgets.
  • Ensuring to have a healthy and diversified talent database.
  • Meet regularly with department heads or the hotel in charge to update them on recruitment activities.
  • Lead and coordinate with HR colleagues and ensure all the new hires have a very positive and welcoming experience such as travel, onboarding, housing, and orientation.
  • Working closely with manpower agencies, hotel schools, etc.; in order to attract the right talent.
  • Coach, guide, and develop the HR team with their daily work activities and help them to reach their potential.
  • Oversee all other HR functions such as payroll, insurance, filing and administration, tickets, employee welfare, etc;
  • Lead employee welfare committee meetings, employee engagement activities, etc;
  • Assist in developing and implementing all required policies and procedures.
  • Conduct exit interviews and inform Hotel charge as and when necessary.
  • Closely coordinate with the Housing team with regard to employee accommodation.
  • Ensuring all the HR reports are prepared and submitted on time.
  • To have a periodic calendar with regard to employee locker inspections and ensure to have the facilities are well maintained.
  • Coordinate all the surveys related to employees requested by various authorities.
  • Ensure to have updated Job Descriptions, organizational charts, notice boards, etc; all the time.
  • Led HR team with regard to all compliances and HR audit requirements.
  • Drive projects as assigned by the cluster HR Manager or Hotel Manager.
  • Work closely with the training department to design the training plans, training to need analysis, and deliver quality training.
  • Work closely with EHS and Security Managers to ensure all the HR-related points are in compliance with regard to various audits.

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