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We try to succeeded during its career The founding of a Bin Ham came truthful embodiment of the aspirations in supporting the march of construction and development established by the founder and leader, the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, after realizing the dream of Union with the members of the Supreme Council rulers of the Emirates, which was the starting point in the establishment of a strong and modern state, based on the principles of tolerance and peace, openness and service of humanity.

Immediately after its founding .., “Bin Ham” to respond to the priorities of the UAE in establishing the necessary infrastructure for the start of cultural renaissance, and the bulk of the group’s activities in the two “Bin Ham’s” Agricultural ” and “Contractors”, role distinguished in the agricultural and architectural renaissance in Ain particular, and Abu Dhabi during the early phase of the country’s history.

In subsequent phases, the economic and social transformations and large ambitions imposed to develop our activities for the period from the various sectors by succeeded process of development and achieving presence on the map of national economic groups.

For our full conviction that the delay was not progressing, we are working to strengthen our patience and absorb the great transformations internally and externally, through entering into new areas of investment offered by the growing economic activity for the UAE, and the growing interest in foreign investments, especially in the Arab countries such as  Oman, Morocco and Egypt , the aspiring always, we hope, the ideal and role models, to be good at thinking in all our steps and actions, and to register more points in the service of the national economy and in the service of our nation and our inherent.

Sheikh Musallum Salem Bin Ham is the Chairman of the Group, and he is a senior businessman in the UAE, with pioneering role in the founding of various investment projects, and national figures which have their clear imprint in the public sphere.